Why Meet Winslo®

The insurance customer experience is broken. Customers want to know what they’re buying, why it’s a good fit, and who they’re buying it from. Meet Winslo® takes the traditional valued relationship with a life insurance agent and blends it with technology to create a modern, personalized, frictionless experience.

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Our Vision

Our initial vision for Meet Winslo® came from one of our founders, Gavin Dean, who spent a lot of time at some of America’s biggest insurance companies. The problem was obvious…they couldn’t figure out how to deliver an experience that customers want, much like the airlines, banks, and retailers are starting to get right.

Our Story

Upon getting married and having kids, Gavin found the traditional path to get life insurance — with an agent — to be complicated and many times outdated. Way too much paper and too many people in the middle.

Finally, upon starting Meet Winslo®, Gavin found the traditional path to get insurance for the business and its employees broken. Once again, way too much paper and too many people in the middle. Meet Winslo™ exists to build a frictionless, digital experience with a human touch.

Our Founders

Gavin Dean
Chuck Wilson

Our team came together because we believe that hard working Americans want to feel confident in what they buy and who they buy it from. Like you, we appreciate the opportunity to be with family and friends and we value the peace of mind that insurance can offer. And we’re unlike most people in that we have a passion for insurance.

We have spent our careers in insurance and technology; yet we have all taken different paths to our company. We come from different backgrounds, different parts of the world, and different types of education. We think the diversity of our experiences makes us a great team to make insurance approachable.