What Older People Want

Gavin Dean October 5th, 2020

At Meet Winslo®, we work really hard to understand our customer and to meet them where they are when it comes to life insurance.  We recently reviewed some research surrounding the needs and wants of older people through a report titled “Co-Designing with Older People” as a part of a study on aging in American by Birsel+Seck. 

Not surprisingly, the survey founds the needs and wants of older people not too far from the needs and wants of society in general.  The researchers concluded that love, vitality, work and friendship are most wanted.  We’ll keep it pretty simple for this post so here’s a one sentence recap of what the authors concluded are most meaningful for older people: 

  • Love – finding a special person to experience life with 
  • Vitality – taking care of myself 
  • Work – let me be the boss of my time 
  • Friendship – quickly meet new people I can trust  

What really struck us is the strong sense of belonging that older people have.  Without thinking, we would have casually expected to see transactional things like healthcare and visiting with family.  However, that’s selling older people short and insensitive.  The survey highlights the depth and breadth of experience and perspective of America’s older people.  The survey recognizes the needs of older people aren’t very different from eveyone else.  Older people want to belong, older people want to be included, older people want to contribute. 

“Older people want to belong, older people want to be included, older people want to contribute.”

We’ve written about the founders of Meet Winslo® being a part of the sandwich generation.  Brisel+Seck’s research highlights the need for the sandwich generation to be aware and supportive of the wants and needs of both their children and their parents.  And, based on the study, it doesn’t seem to hard to balance the two generations if we focus on love, vitality, work and friendship. 

At Meet Winslo®, we’re building a community based on a shared sense of taking care of one another through life insurance.  We’re grateful you’ve chosen to spend some time with us and we hope you learn more about us. 

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