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Jennifer Wilson August 10th, 2020

In a society that is regularly plagued by war, violence, poverty, bullying, drug abuse and mental health challenges and now a pandemic, it’s increasingly difficult to find the confidence we long for in protecting our families. Life’s uncertainties for our children are at an all-time high and so many of us wonder whether we are doing our absolute best to keep them safe. 

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Meet Winslo® began with the concept that while there were so many things we couldn’t control, providing financial protection didn’t have to be one of them. Families may look different. Houses and bank accounts aren’t all the same size. And goals for the future don’t have to align with one another. But, what should be consistent is that we can rest easy knowing that the ones we love have the means to get by in uncertain times. 

Life is filled with enough complexity and worry, life insurance shouldn’t add to that. Our mission from the beginning has been to focus on ease, trust and family. As the founders of Meet Winslo®, our own struggles in purchasing life insurance made us realize how something of great value was so misunderstood and misrepresented. We set out to change that.  

“Life insurance doesn’t have to be complicated. We set out to make it easier for individuals to provide protection for their families in an honest and affordable manner.”

We had no desire to be a one stop shop for various products, throwing out the cheapest quotes available. Instead, we wanted to provide people with the insight and information they needed to make an educated decision in purchasing life insurance. By blending the trusted traditional in-person agent relationship with a modern purchasing experience, our hope was people could easily and comfortably make a commitment to protecting those they loved without added stress or doubt. 

With that said, meet Meet Winslo®. Today’s modern, trusted approach to purchasing a proven product. 

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